Внезапно я — Ванга!

Так уж повелось что к концу года, не только подводят итоги ( это впереди ), но и планируют следующий год. Мы, люди от IT, очень любим анализировать и представляться Вангой, посему, не про конец света, а про мобильные технолгии:


By Dmytro Malyeyev, Mobility Solution Manager at SoftServe, Inc.

Mobile devices have long ago become an integral part of our life and work. Whether it`s using a special application to access corporate systems when working out of the office or it`s a personal mHealth app allowing its users to receive their typical metrics (such as blood pressure, body temperature, etc.), test results and vital health information on their smartphone from a special external device like an UP system – the fast-growing role of mobile in every sphere of life is undeniable. And different types of business organizations throughout the world need to adjust their strategies according to the latest mobile trends and market demands not to be left behind.

Mobile Technologies in 2013

In this article I’d like to discuss some important trends in mobile technology development that are likely to have a significant impact on consumers` life and enterprises in 2013.

  1. Mobile device will overtake PCs as a main web access device.
    It doesn`t mean that PCs will be replaces by mobile devices. But it does imply, though, that a corporate Operating Systems list will be extended to include Mobile Operating Systems alongside with the usual MacOS, Windows, etc. This, in its turn, will add more responsibilities to a company`s IT department.
  2. Native versus Mobile Web versus Hybrid Applications.
    Even despite the fact that Facebook and Wunderlist moved from hybrid approach to native, HTML5 has become more capable, and we will undoubtedly see more and more application implemented as mobile web apps. Additionally, the frameworks for creating hybrid apps are regularly updated and offering more functionality for developers.
  3. Mobile payment.
    Mobile payment will become mainstream in 2013. Adoption of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the growing popularization of card swiping plugin for mobile phones in the world leading retail store chains, as well as implementation of the mobile payment strategies within organizations make the prediction of $17 billion in mobile payments to be made in 2013 seem quite plausible.
  4. Mobile Security.
    The adoption of NFC and other mobile payment technologies makes Mobile Security one of the top priorities for 2013. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach will continue to grow, so it`s only natural that companies should consider using reliable MDM and MDA solutions. The popularity of such cloud based MDM&MDA solutions like, for example, MaaS360, is expected to grow further. As IDC predicts, the spread of BYOD will also result in the increased implementation of the BYOID (Bring your own ID) approach, which means that the identity management systems of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are to be used as a new foundation of the enterprise security.
  5. Mobile applications.
    The number of mobile applications will constantly grow. According to Gartner predictions, by 2016 there`ll be over 309 billion of applications downloads, which will generate significant revenue. This also means that the number of enterprise mobile applications will grow, which will force organizations to create enterprise application stores for deploying apps to employees devices.
  6. Cloud.
    As the Yankee group predicts, more than 50% of companies will look to the cloud for their mobile app deployments. While considerably simplifying the process of launching such high load services as Instagram, for example, it will create a need to quickly and efficiently address certain cloud-related challenges which are still unresolved – including the already-mentioned issue of proper security.


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